Brewer Equestrian Center

   A Little Farm History 

 Donnie and Kim Head moved to the Brewer area, just outside of Tupelo, Mississippi in the late 90's.  The 36 acres had a lot of potential, and there was plenty of work to be done!  Chandler joined the family in May of 2000, much to the delight of her parents. 

Kim often referred to the early days as living the life of that television show "Green Acres."  Fortunately, Donnie is extremely talented with construction, and works very fast.  With all this land,.animals began to be collected, as Chandler grew even more animals began to find their place at "Head Farms."  

Like her mother, Chandler developed a love for horses at a early age.  Unlike her mother, her parents had a place to put a horse and then some.  After a couple of years searching for a riding instructor, one was found and Chandler began to take weekly lessons at a location nearby.  Chandler loved her riding lessons, much more than she did her gymnastics , violin, soccer, and ballet. 

Donnie, being of the mindset "what can I build next" started developing plans for a barn  in his mind.  Kim, (like any other mom),  had grown accustomed to picking Chandler up from school and then taking her (and sometimes a couple of friends) to an after-school activity, was delighted (see above paragraph) to have one less place to go! late January of 2008, the barn became operable.  Inquiries for a riding instructor and horse trainer were sent out.  Resumes and emails were sent back, phone calls were made. 

Today, a little over 2 years later, with some trial and errors we are achieving our goal.  We've worked out some of the kinks, we've made some wonderful friends and colleagues in the equestrian world.  We have grown slow and steady.