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2010: Was a great year... A lot of memories and a lot of growth... we smile at the past and run to the future... Hello 2011...

All Show information is now posted!  We also have                 David Adamo offering private lessons on Sunday the 12th.  Jumpin n Jinglin Show on Saturday the 11th... Click on the "Links" Tab.. for all information and forms.
Pictures from Schooling Show @ CWF 10/9/10



I just moved some things to Archives in order to "clean up" the home page.  I couldn't help but scroll down through the first entries since this website has been created.  Brewer Equestrian Center has really come a long way in a short time.  It doesn't always seem like it's been a short time but, in the grand scheme of things it really has.  Where we were once so nervous about our first schooling shows, rallies and events here at BEC even.. everything has fallen into place.  Sure, the nerves are still there.. the 2nd guessing.. but, somehow.. we've managed to grow and go.


  BEC is only where we are today because of our loyal clients/family.  Our tremendous friends/advisers/trouble shooters, have become invaluable and the people who have taken a special interest in just what we are trying to accomplish here.  I had someone recently, send me a copy of the article in the paper from June, and they added a quick note: "So happy to see that your dream is coming true."  That just pretty much summed it all up.  


   So without further ramblings, let me get to the updates.


 Brewer Equestrian Updates

      Final plans have been made and the poles are being cut for the Covered arena.  We have decided to NOT build it adjacent to the barn as we need to expand our barn.  The covered arena will be completed by Winter and the barn expansion hopefully by Spring.


     Cadence the filly formerly known as Dalliance... (just when I think we know everything.. humbled)... is 3 months today, September 27th.  



     The Caldwell Family and The Head Family are heading to WEG this week.. can not wait!    

     We seriously have to start thinking about Christmas Break Camp... and if we do have a Christmas Break Camp... we will have to possibly have two.. maybe Two 2 day camps.  With personal Christmas travel and our trainer and his wife expecting their first grandchild in December... (during Christmas break time).. we have to be careful about scheduling...  Since inquiries are already being made (thank yo so much for your interest), we need A PLAN For Sure!

     Our student base continues to grow.. We have a lot of new faces around BEC as of late.. and their capacity to learn is amazing!  I can not express adequately how much.. I love watching them grow and bond with our horses/ponies and their own.  For those of you who have not been out here in a while or kept up with us on facebook. you'd be amazed at how well some of your barn favorites are doing!  


     Okay seriously... are y'all tired of reading my words???? Here are some updated pictures!



 New Faces At BEC...


       Campbell and Boo Boo                                                    Amanda and Scarlett


           Ally and Diva                                                             Jessica and Diva



   This is a picture of Kami.. unfortunately.. Kami has her lessons when Ms. Kim (photographer) isn't here.. She is a great rider!  This is from her first day here @ BEC when she came to watch her cousin Campbell ride!





 And Some Familiar Faces... and just a little of what we have been up to.


 Pictures of us At MidSouth Dressage Academy Fun Show

Theme Broadway Show Tunes...


 Ansley and Trick or Treat aka "Timothy" performing: Defying Gravity


Claire and Rock The House aka "ACE" performing I Just Can't Wait To Be King


 Chandler and Into The Glory aka "Boss" performing  Greased Lightning 


Games Rally Clinic here at Brewer Equestrian Center.  Special Thanks to: Amy, AK, and Caroline Weathers for coming to Teach and Ride with us.. from the Magnolia Pony Club.  Also, special thanks to our Cedar Wind Farm fellow SRPC members for coming!!!!






Summer 2010


Calabash, aka Callie had a baby girl... On June 27th, 2010.  We needed a "C" name, after much confusion on Kim's part and reading of the rules.  After much deliberation and feedback.. Her name is Cadence..and we call her Cadie.  She is adorable and friendly and curious and Callie is such a great mother!


facebook us: Brewer Equestrian Center

Brewer Equestrian Center in the news...We were featured in a article in the Daily Journal, on Thursday the 24th of June.  Thank you to all of our fine friends that are spreading the word about Brewer Equestrian Center.

We are on Baby Watch: Callie is due on the 29th of June.

 If you have facebook...Fan us: just search: Brewer Equestrian Center


 Camp Photos









Look under the photos tab for more camp pictures!


Spring 2010

We are keeping our prices the same as the Summer Camp cost of 2009.  The dates for our Summer Camp, will be:  Monday, June 7th through Friday, June 11th (with horse show and pool party beginning @11:00)  Camp begins daily @ 9:00 am and will end @ 2:00 pm.  If your camper needs need to stay until 5:30, there is a additional 10.00 charge per day.  Cost for the week: $225.00 with a $75.00 deposit to reserve your spot.  We are limiting this camp session to 10 students/riders.  More details will be added (you can also check out the camp information page to see what we did last year) as the time draws near.  If your child/ren have camped with us before...we have their paperwork on file and you will not have to re register.  Feel free to contact us to reserve your spot and/or with any additional information needs.  Be sure to read our Camp Information sheet it is now updated and has important information and details!


The video below is from one of our Christmas Break One Day Camps.... we are always having a BLAST at BEC!






 Exciting News From BEC!



On October 24th, we had a Pony Club rating here at Brewer Equestrian Center!  We welcomed members from our other divisions of our Pony Club as well.  We had the ratings, a sponsors meeting, a unmounted meeting oh and Great Fun and Great Food... Be sure to check out the pictures in the photo gallery.


 Congratulations to our D-1 PCers!

Ansley C. shown here with Alexis who tested her!


Megan G shown here with Ellen who tested her!


And Chandler H.. shown here with Julie who tested her.



We are so proud of these girls as we are of all of our students here at BEC!  


We have great things upcoming as we approach the Holiday Season so be sure to check back often!!!

Congratulations Ansley

Ansley took her love for Horses and Ponies to the classroom
and won 1st place in her schools storyboard competition...
Way to go Ansley... Great job!
 Occasionally we get inquiries from people from out of state that need a place for their horse(s) to stay for a night or two whenever there is a local event or in transit to another part of the country.  With the proper paperwork and health records we always enjoy these brief but memorable encounters.  
This past weekend there was a Rodeo at the Bancorp South Center.  We were contacted by a lovely barrel racer who needed lodging for her horse Petey..
Nikki emailed us the sweetest letter in response to my, "Sorry I didn't meet you, Hope you arrived home safely," email.  
Her response touched me... and I/we look forward to their day soon.
Dear Kim..

Thank you for your sweet e mail. Petey and I got home safely, but 13hrs is a long old drive.

What a pleasure it was to have my wonderful horse rest safely and very comfortably in you beautiful barn.

I always know the moment I step inside someone's barn if it a 'happy barn' and yours was all that and more.

Unfortunately we did not do so well in the Rodeo on Saturday night and hit the third barrel. Oh well. You know how that goes with horses. Having said that, we so enjoyed our stay in Tupelo. You Southern people are very nice and our poor Rodeo performance was all pilot error. My horse was rested and happy, I just didn't do my bit.

I wish now I'd come up to the house and said hello. I really didn't want to intrude, but should of walked up with Petey and introduced ourselves. Next time.

We will be back to Tupelo at some point, we'll take home a victory next time and I hope you'll let my horse stay in you wonderful barn.

Heres wishing that your leg heals quickly, life without the barn is indeed dismal.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

Kindest Regards,

Nicki Cracknell and Petey [Peppy Legend].


Christmas Camps... Were a Blast

Please Contact Us To Sign Up!


Merry Christmas....


Christmas Gift Promo Flyer


Still Looking for That Perfect Gift?

Give Her
What Every Girl Desires (no matter her age).

Horse Riding Lessons…

As our gift to you
We’ll give you 10% off  all lessons & packages purchased through January 2010.

For more information:
Brewer Equestrian Center



 Christmas Mini Camp!




Brewer Equestrian Center
Will be having a 1 day Equestrian Camp!

On Tuesday, December 29th. 2009

Registration at 9:30
Camp Time: 10:00 -3:00

Your camper will:

Learn about basic horse care,
Have an opportunity to ride,
Have lunch provided,
 Make horse treats!
$40.00 for the day

We have 5 slots available at this time so please contact:

Brewer Equestrian Center


October 2009



 We are also, talking to another great possible candidate to add to our family as a working student.  Again, many thanks to Will Montgomery and Alexis Pannell who have been so helpful to us during our search!


 Ansley and Magnum.  Ansley was offered the opportunity to ride 3 different horses.  Here she is pictured on her horse Magnum.  Ansley is so brave and look out for this little one.. She is going to be ready to jump in no time.  The Caldwell Family is always the first one to step up to volunteer and "be there" whenever BEC has a need!  



 You are not seeing things!  This is Pep In His Step aka Pepper.... rocking the cross rails!  Pepper, from the time we pulled him out his stall early yesterday morning and put on the shipping boots, had his "game face" on.  He was a dream and a trooper.  Megan spent about 5 1/2 hours on his back.. and he did his thing like a show veteran.  Megan did a awesome job!  Special props to Rick... who was a great "line man"... and Wow, Rick... you are really learning.  Megan, you did a beautiful job.  We are so proud of you!


 Here is Chandler and Jungle Boogie... aka Boogie. He is such a sweet champ and Chandler's confidence has grown tremendously.  We have to give Alexis Pannell credit for that, she doesn't take any of Chandler's excuses!  Chandler and Boogie were all over Cedar Wind Farms yesterday and learned so much from Mrs. Evie, her staff and Will.


It was a beautiful day...the rain held off and I hope all of you get to experience the beauty of CWF one day too.  Beautiful and generous people... stunning grounds, top rate facility.  


Here is a link to more pictures... I'll post more, but, Ms. Kim is exhausted!

First Outing For Bec at Ceder Wind Farm

Special Thanks To Mrs. Evie Tumlin and Cedar Wind Farm.  The staff of Cedar Wind Farm, all of their wonderful Parents and Students (fellow PCers) deserves much appreciation!  Will Montgomery you are a special and gifted man, thank you for all that are doing for BEC! and for what you did yesterday at CWF.



 Be Sure To Check Out:  and see what Will's Company has to offer you!


That's right... 3 of our students/Pony Clubbers and 3 of our horses went to Oxford, Mississippi yesterday.  Three special young ladies that have never been anywhere but, here at BEC.. made their first road trip for a PRICELESS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!  Day long opportunities to learn from the best instructors and trainers in North Mississippi.  Mrs. Evis is a legend and Will Montgomery... was undistructible and they both worked so hard to help our students and our horses.  Our students were able to make deeper friendships with othe Pony Clubbers from the area.. and are so excited about what is in store for them and can't wait to ride with their new friends again and again!...


We are so blessed to be a part of Southern Run Riders Pony Club!

July and August 2009

 Callie is PREGNANT!  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes during this time.  There are so many people to thank: Sarah, the stud owner, her vet, Dr. Lamb and his wonderful staff.  The wonderful staff and students who have loved and nurtured Callie during this process.  We will have our baby mid June 2010.  We'll be having "foal watch" sleepovers.

 Ready for school?  Well we are, we've been missing some of y'all as y'all have been getting in that "last of Summer" vacations.  


The United States Pony I know that there is great interest in this as well.  We have 5 students that are joining September 1st to take advantage of the great dues and fee rates.  Chandler is already a member and will be going for her D1 in Hernando on September 20.  We are going and want to extend a invitation to all to join with us on the road trip and for a look see at what you will be going for in late October as we'll have a rating, by our own Alexis Pannel (who is a C2 and is also doing the ratings in September).  All of current PC signees can be and should be ready for their D1 if we start studying now!

 I want to encourage all parents to contact our DC David Bray, who you all met here in July to make sure all of your forms and fees are in to meet the September 1, deadline.  David's email is:  


I also encourage you to download and print out forms/study guides regarding D level: the USPC website

 Information on ordering the correct handbook for D level training...

We do have a copy in the barn office.  We ordered ours way back when from Barnes and Nobles and they called us when it was in.  The title of the book is:

"The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship"  Basics for Beginners, D Level"


I have a lot more pictures to upload and put on the website!  We are all very excited about the Fall season and what we have upcoming!

Pony Club Coming To Brewer Equestrian Center

We are achieving one of our goals by offering the Tupelo area a chapter of the USPC.  We will be joining with 2 other facilities, one in Oxford and one in Hernando, MS.  We will be a division of the "Southern Run Riders."

 This is going to open up so many additional opportunities and adventures for any of our students that wish to participate. 

 We will know more in the next few days and will keep you updated.  But, we do have a meeting scheduled for July 11th.  This will be an unmounted meeting and a meet and greet.  Students/members from the two other clubs will be coming to BEC as well. 

Chandler is already a member of the USPC and we have several publications and other PC things we can show you in the barn office.  Heather can always answer any questions you may have about the USPC. 

 I encourage everyone to come to the July 11th meeting, time to be determined, and see what is available.