Brewer Equestrian Center


Full care board: $400/month ***Boarding is PRIVATE, only available to those who either have a horse in training and/or the rider is taking lessons.  

     includes: 2x/day feeding (supplements, daily wormer electrolytes, you provide add 30.00), hay, turnout, close monitoring of the health of your horse, and use of all facilities.

          Blanketing in Winter.. add 30.00 a month.   

Training board:  $975.00 monthly

     includes: 4-5 training rides per week and full care board

Partial training board:  $600.00 monthly

     includes: 2 rides per week and full care board

Pasture board: $200.00 (March-last grass Mid Oct/Early Nov.) $250.00 (Last Grass through March)

     includes: pasture use, feeding (grain fed from Last Grass, Mid Oct/Early Nov. through March), use of tack room , daily inspection, and wash stall, use of arenas (when not in use by students) and trails. Pasture board clients must use their own supplies, tack, grooming brushes etc, treats, fly spray.


Training session/tune up ride for a trailer-in horse: $55.00

Training/tune-up session for a boarded horse: $30.00

Trailer-in use of our arena/trails: $15.00/horse

Schooling our jumps: $25.00  



     We require a current negative Coggins for all horses who step foot on the farm.  Also, for everyone's safety, we do not allow anyone to jump their horses on the property without someone else present.  Barn owners live on the premises.  

Barn hours for the Spring/Summer seasons: 8 am-9 pm for boarders. 

  Absolutely NO smoking within 50 feet of the barn.  No dogs outside of vehicles allowed. 




Trim (this includes bridlepath, whiskers, ears, fetlocks, and tail): $10

Mane Pull: $15

Sheath Cleaning: $15

Full Bath: $20

Braiding for a show: $30

Show Prep (this includes bath, trim, mane pull, braiding): $75 *for schooling show prep, deduct $30.00 no braiding necessary.

Trace Clip/Chaser Clip: $75

Full Body Clip: $125 

**** add 20.00 to all of these services for sedation if necessary!